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Brig. (R) Sohail Akbar Khan has a distinguished 30-year career in the Pakistan Army, marked by vital staff, instructional, and command roles, complemented by significant contributions to research and analysis.

His contributions towards national security earned him the prestigious Sitara-e-Shujaat award from the Government of Pakistan in 2016. He played a pivotal role in Sindh for over two years and also served as a Planning Officer at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, coordinating UN missions and liaising with the West African governments. His working experience at international level further extended being a Liaison Officer with the Pakistani contingent in UN Mission in East Timor.

Brig. (R) Sohail's experience encompasses international level exercises and conferences, focusing on regional and global interoperability among the United States, Central Asian countries, and Pakistan. Post-retirement, he remains committed to various NGOs dedicated to aiding the disadvantaged.

At One Eleven Group, Brig. Sohail leads non-profit organization strategic planning, research and development, and is responsible for fostering collaboration between academia and industry.



Abbas H Malick is an accomplished bureaucrat who recently retired as the Inspector General of Police in August 2021. He had an illustrious career spanning over 40 years where he served in various leadership positions within the Pakistan Army and the Police Services, including a 2 year stint as Managing Director of the National Police Foundation, where two sectors in Islamabad were planned, developed and executed for public in general and Police officers in particular.


Mr. Malick has a long and decorated career with the Police Force. He also had the honor of being handpicked for raising the Motorway Police in 1997. He personally selected and trained officers to serve in the NHMP, which is the only Police Force specifically raised by the Pakistan Government.


A highly skilled bureaucrat having been trained in Motorway Traffic Management from the UK, Finland, and Germany, he has also taken part in various local and international trainings by such esteemed organizations as the US State Department, Scotland Yard, and IOM. As the President Advisory Board of One Eleven Group, Mr. Malick is responsible for steering the group’s direction and especially looking after the core operations, legal and regulatory affairs, Human Resource Management, and accountability systems of One Eleven.



Afaq Jan Marwat is a dynamic and accomplished professional currently serving as a Member of the Advisory Board at One Eleven Group. Hailing from the vibrant District Laki Marwat, Afaq is recognized for his exceptional entrepreneurial skills and his dedication to expanding his family business.


From a young age, Afaq actively participated in his family business and had the privilege of working closely with his father. This invaluable experience provided him with a solid foundation in business operations and instilled in him a deep understanding of the intricacies of running a successful enterprise.


Afaq plays an integral role in key stakeholder management, business expansion, and team growth development at One Eleven Group. His strategic approach and ability to foster meaningful relationships allow him to effectively collaborate with stakeholders, ensuring their needs and expectations are met.


Recognized for his strong leadership abilities, Afaq inspires and motivates teams to achieve their full potential. He believes in investing in people and has a natural talent for identifying and nurturing talent within the organization. Through his guidance and mentorship, Afaq contributes to the growth and development of the team at One Eleven Group.

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