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One Eleven Partners with Bahria University for their Job Fair 2023

The Job Fair 2023, organized by Bahria University was a leading event in the Twin Cities on the 20th of December, 2023. One Eleven Group, being a partner of the Bahria University for the event, was present throughout the event and made a lasting impression during the ongoing event.

Touching on some important elements of the event, One Eleven Group made sure to extend its creative and production services, covering the whole event. The Group provided good learning and quality career opportunities to the young individuals entering the professional side.

Esteemed Chief Guest of the event Vice Admiral (R) Asif Khaliq HI(M), along with Rear Admiral Zaka Ur Rehman HI(M) visited pavilions set by over 150+ companies, all aligned to better the future and opportunities of the graduating students.

DG Bahria University, Rear Admiral Zaka Ur Rehman HI(M) mentioned how Bahria University tries to engage in providing professional opportunities to their students yearly. He explained that just following the curriculum is not enough and students need opportunities like these to explore and understand how to appear in interviews and make a mark in the professional world.

Graduating students of the university were thrilled to be part of the event, where they had the opportunity to network and grow their circles before entering the challenging field of practical work. One student mentioned how the Job Fair is a great access for the students in acquiring job opportunities and industry knowledge in their respective fields.

Another student explained how the Job Fair is extremely important for graduating students in the current times. He further implied that as the economic conditions escalate, students are rigorously looking for job opportunities to better their living standards and companies coming forward to extend their support definitely helps.

Throughout the event, CDR (R) Muhammad Banaras, the Executive Director of One Eleven Group, had been present along with the team, actively engaging with guests.

About One Eleven Group: One Eleven Group is a dynamic and forward-thinking conglomerate that's changing the game when it comes to real estate and project construction businesses. One Eleven loves to explore new areas and challenge the status quo, and they have a boundary-pushing range of exciting ventures in their portfolio. One Eleven is driven by a singular vision: to be unparalleled.

They have started a movement that’s changing the way people think about business. At the heart of their success lies an unshakable commitment to innovation, fueled by a deep desire to create a better future for all.

About Bahria University:

Bahria University is one of the leading public sector universities of Pakistan, which is dedicated to meet many complex challenges facing us today. The university has campuses, research institutes and colleges all over Pakistan which work towards grooming today’s youth into becoming tomorrow’s leaders.

Bahria University has carved a niche for itself in Management Sciences, Computer and Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Medicine, Social Sciences and Law. The university offers a portfolio of programs at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels.

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