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How Amusement And Healthy Activities Build Happier Communities

Amusement Parks Building Happier Community

Amusement parks have always been the ideal location for families to spend their vacations, birthdays and other special days at. A colossal space with entertainment and attractions of every kind are exactly what reels the people in. Combining entertainment with food, gift shops, rides, live shows, parades and visitors of all ages make the trips happening and unforgettable.

The history of amusement and theme parks can be traced back to the 19th century with transportable circuses and county fairs spreading all across Europe, but it wasn’t until the launch of Disneyland in the United States that the amusement industry really took off across the globe. This led to significant research on the impact of the industry on the individual and collective lives of the visitors.

Impact On The Upbringing Of Children

Well-designed amusement parks have allowed parents to let their child grow in various areas such as skill development, mental sharpening, aesthetic appreciation, social interaction, awareness of consciousness in ethics, and intellectual enrichment. The environment not only allows the child to be socially aware but also opens them to a world of amusement outside their routine, showing them all the ways they can connect experiences with fun.

Amusement Park

Connecting With Family Recreation

Families are considered as the building blocks of society and are possibly the oldest and most important of all human institutions. Family recreation is the participation of one such unit in leisure activities together to harness emotional connections and play a vital role in the development of the family. According to a research conducted in 1992, Dereifying Family Leisure, it was concluded that there was a positive relationship between leisure activities and familial outcomes. These included family health, therapeutic values and family cohesiveness. As the location is out of their routine, it helps them grow closer and grow a stronger bond with their family members.

Amusement Park

A Platform For Youth Development

Amusement parks play a vital role in the fitness and education of the youth. They act as spots for them to think out of the box and connect with like minded people. Connecting with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of the youth is extremely important, this is where the amusement parks step into the equation. Alongside, the skills once learnt in an enthusiastic environment stick in the subconscious mind of the youth, which is further used by most when starting families and taking major life decisions. 

Amusement Park

Making Happier Communities

When families are content with a well-designed and functional amusement park, these emotions directly influence their interactions with other people. Amusement parks along with the various experiences they offer have the potential to satisfy each family member’s needs. They provide a space for them to connect with different kinds of individuals that share the same interests, making them feel understood. Besides the rides, amusement parks have an extensive list of experiences such as food, gift shops, eye-catching landscapes that are present to encourage interactions and involvement between like minded people, to produce unforgettable memories and positive feelings among one another.

Amusement Park

  • 92% of park visitors in an IAAPA study reported feeling happy after their visit to amusement parks.

  • 78% of Americans believe that amusement parks are a good place to bond with family and friends, according to a 2023 survey by Statista.

  • 35% of park visitors say they visit specifically to celebrate special occasions, further strengthening social ties.

With bright colors, various experiences, exciting themes and clever designs, amusement parks have you immersed in a whole new world. Such an experience is important to promote the tourism of the twin cities and bring to front all that the region can offer to its residents and visitors alike. One Eleven Group is bringing the ultimate amusement experience by the name of 633 Wonder World that is not only set to bring experiences like no other to Pakistan but also focuses on becoming a social bridge that nurtures community happiness.


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