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One Eleven Group is challenging the traditional 9-to-5 corporate bias. We hope to usher in a new era of productive and satisfying work-life balance through our pioneering efforts.

#BreakTheMundane targets the leaders of the future, fresh minds who are struggling to find a place in an otherwise obsolete corporate Industry. From making noticeable shifts in the workplace to providing unique possibilities for young people, we intend to truly break the Mundane.



Umair Jaliawala is a seasoned entrepreneur, learning consultant, and a digital creator. Umair weaves content from education,  business, and psychology to create inspirational and leadership development experiences for a wide range of audiences. He has been involved with over 500+ commercial, non-profit, government, and educational institutes. Umair is also the founder of Torque Corp, a corporate learning outfit. Previously, Umair led the School of Leadership and Foundation.


Attending a reputed educational institute does not necessarily translate into being effective, self-directed learners. Helping students before they step into their professional careers is an excellent way to help them succeed. Empowering students and equipping them with the right skills will also significantly impact the employment rate in Pakistan.

  • Realize and unlock their true potential

  • Think critically about their career trajectory

  • Create a blueprint for success

  • Pave a reliable pathtosucceed professionally


  • Explore career possibilities and determine a path

  • Find an internship or work placement

  • Develop interview skills

  • Explore your potential by understanding your strengths and weaknesses

  • Equipping youngsters with an entrepreneurial mindset

Neat Computer Desk

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